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Jacaranda, a leading Australian publisher of educational curriculum has continued their highly successful mathematics program. Maths Quest is an entire mathematical suite that will help teachers and parents better address the core learning issues of the students.

The curriculum is provided at grade levels 7 through 12, but each of these takes an individual approach to the mathematical comprehension of every student. The system uses proven learning methods to help overcome limitations and develop improved mathematical understanding at each grade level.

Maths Quest was based on a number of fundamentals for improved success. These include the student’s current comprehension, giving a broad range of difficulty and tracking student progress. When combined with immediate feedback to address individual learning problems, the Maths Quest system can be used to ensure every child progresses as they should.

Maths Quest for the Australian curriculum is a complete system including worksheets, references and resources for teachers and students alike. Convenient tear out worksheets are to be completed by the student and turned in for teacher grading. Teachers can easily give corrections and feedback using the provided areas on the worksheet.

One of the most promising aspects of the program is the way it addresses homework assignments. Teachers and parents can use the Maths Quest Homework Book to structure a productive homework routine. This method of handling homework promotes mathematical development with greater efficiency and understanding. This is achieved through increased teacher and student communication using a learning page for every chapter.

Students can fill out the learning page to explain what they have learned and what they understand. Further details are also provided using a grid to log completed assignments and notify the teacher of any problems or concerns they have regarding the material. Skill sheets are used to determine student level at the end of each area. If the child needs more time on a particular topic, skill sheets ensure they are ready before progressing further.

Improved communication, work structure and individual advancement are just some of the initial aspects of the Maths Quest system. At higher grade levels, the program offers advanced mathematical theory and builds increased understanding of new ideas. This is achieved through using interactive and written chapter activities as well as making e-Lessons available for added flexibility. Individual pathways activities are also presented to keep teachers and parents up to date with the student’s learning level. Hungry brains and Individual pathways activities are both used to ensure every child learns and progresses at their own pace.

Jacaranda has developed learning programs for the Australian curriculum for over 10 years. In addition to mathematics, the company provides material for all academic subjects included in the current Australian school curriculum. Jacaranda provides learning resources and assets for students, teachers and involved parents to ensure every child can succeed and gain the knowledge they need to excel.

Whether your child is struggling in mathematics or just needs a little improvement, the Maths Quest curriculum provides a complete program solution to improve memory recall, understanding and individual productivity.

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