The best desktop label printers on the market

OKI PRO 1050 label printer is one of the best desktop label printers on the market.
A choice of six cool digital options that allow you to upload and print up to 52000 digital labels. Incredible value for money. Get yours now.

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Sensor Size: Pro 1050 Sizes: 100, 1000, 600

Labels: Pro 1050 is capable of printing 2000 x 100 magnetic labels on a sheet. Up to 3,5 x 3,5 x 2,5 inch labels can be printed on both sides, depending on the settings.


Output: OKI Pro 1050 prints 20,000 individual labels from the USB connection on a dual ink cartridge.

Cables: OKI Pro 1050 has a USB cable, a 12V power cable and a 12V RS-232C to RS-232C cable.

Hook: OKI Pro 1050 has a hook, a tool holder and a lid for easy transport and storage.

Brush: OKI Pro 1050 has a lot of different brush options available to choose from. All brush sizes are also accurate.

Ready for Kickstarter? You can pre-order the OKI PRO 1050 right now.

OKI Pro 1050 Max-SPC1050IS

Unlimited RPM for printing prints in two different speeds. This is the max that the RPM function can actually be turned on for. Please note that, at max rpm, you will get 160% of the expected printing speed. The max RPM can be used for printing, that is to say printing labels. However, printing text and graphics is limited to 1,125 x 1,125 (8 cm x 8 cm).

Unlimited Papers: Automatic paper feed system (EPF) allows for the continuous printing of labels. Automatic paper feed system includes two separate digital papers, each with ink cartridges and a paper tray.

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