Maths Series: Designed To Meet The NSW Maths Curriculum

Everyone needs to know the subject, mathematics. While some people need to have a sound knowledge of mathematics because of their career choice, others just need a little knowledge of the subject to get through life. In order to have a successful career in business, technology, sciences, engineering, etc, a person must have good grasp of the subject mathematics. These types of careers require both basic and sophisticated knowledge of mathematics. Without thoroughly mastering the basic and sophisticated mathematics concepts, a person will find it difficult to be successful in these careers.

Understanding of basic mathematical concepts is not only useful in monetary calculation but also helpful in improving our decision-making skills. Mathematics and logic are like Siamese twins; they go hand in hand. Therefore, as students learn and understand different mathematical concepts, they are also polishing their logical and reasoning skills, which is very valuable in making the right choices in life. Since we are the sum total of the choices we make in life, a knowledge of mathematics will play a pivotal role in helping us make the choices necessary for our success in life.

Like all other educational subjects, the learning of mathematics requires a step-by-step pattern. Students need to understand the fundamentals of the subject before they can move the complex concepts of mathematics. Without having a thorough grasp of the basic fundamentals of arithmetic, students will have a hard time understanding sophisticated mathematical concepts. Thus, understanding the simple first step is key for a student’s progress in the learning of the subject. Therefore, mathematics tutors should endeavour that their students thoroughly comprehend the fundamentals of the subject before moving to more difficult, complicated mathematical concepts.

The New South Wales (NSW) maths curriculum was developed to improve student’s learning of mathematics. This curriculum not only emphasizes the step-by-step learning method but also focuses on captivating students’ interest in the learning of the subject. Many students view mathematics as a boring and difficult subject. Because of the perceived difficulty of mathematics, an enormous number of students are not interested in learning mathematics. Thus, this attitude of many students poses a great obstacle to the learning of mathematics.

The NSW Maths syllabus strongly emphasises the step-by-step learning method of mathematics. The maths curriculum, developed for students in kindergarten to year 10, integrates an engaging method of learning the subject. This engaging method of learning tries to cultivate students’ interest in mathematics at an early age. By making students to become interested in the mathematics learning at an early age, the NSW maths syllabus will make students develop the right attitude to the subject. Thus, when they grow up, many students will see the subject as fun and interesting, rather than as boring and difficult.

The NSW maths curriculum covers mathematical concepts like number and algebra, statistics and probability, and measurement and geometry. These concepts are the bedrock of mathematics. Once these concepts are fully understood by students, comprehending the sophisticated concepts of mathematics won’t be a difficult task. Since these basic mathematical concepts are the foundation of mathematics, the syllabus is designed to help students fully understand these concepts. Furthermore, the working mathematically components – fluency, understanding, problem solving, communicating, and reasoning – are also incorporated into the NSW maths curriculum.

The Maths Quest Series, a product from the stable of Jacaranda Books and Digital Resources, was designed to meet the NSW Maths curriculum from students in the Australian school system. These texts were written by experienced authors who fully understand the challenges faced by students in the Australian school system. Because their previous experience as mathematics tutors, these authors of the Maths Quest Series are well placed to come up with a solution to the mathematical challenges faced by Australian students. Thus, Maths Quest Series are useful mathematics texts written by authors have an up close and personal understanding of the needs of the Australian students.

The Maths Quest Series not only simplify the learning of mathematics but also make mathematics learning interesting and fun-filled. These mathematics texts explain topics like measurement and geometry, statistics and probability, and number and algebra in a simple and easy-to-understand language. These maths texts also have exciting learning activity like hungry-brain class activity, individual learning pathway, eLessons, and projectPLUS. All these activities incorporated into the Maths Quest Series transform the learning of mathematics from a boring and dull experience to an exciting and wonderful one.

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