Accounting Principles

Accounting Principles

Accounting Principles 12th Edition authored by Weygandt, Kimmel and Kieso is a one of kind book that has proven to be an effective guide in grasping various concepts in accounting. The authors have a wealth of experience that is unparalleled and understand the challenging areas that an aspiring accountant is likely to encounter.Its content is available in printed text and online in WileyPLUS and has unique opportunities that allow interested individuals to educate themselves and eventually become experts.

Accounting Principles 12th Edition is an extraordinary book as it builds character. Students are able to appreciate accounting concepts and acquire important skills that are based on real life situations. The book gives a detailed account of various scenarios that require critical thinking and good analysis of problems and breaks down the problem down into bits that are easy to handle. This practical approach deepens the student’s grasp and makes the student a valuable asset to the accounting field.

The book also has streamlined learning objectives that are key in time management for the student. It creates a clear link between the written content, video content, practice, homework as well as the assessment questions. This link goes a long way in engraving instrumental concepts in the student’s mind as it ensures the right understanding of numerous concepts. It caters for students out there who find it hard to read for long hours or have shorter concentration spans by providing related videos that go along with the particular subject being studied.

Accounting Principles has an outstanding as well as a best-selling program that allows students to be knowledgeable in financial concepts and basic concepts of managerial accounting. The best part about this, is that the student would be through with it in just two semesters. Sole proprietors get to have the know-how and appropriate skills to use while doing accounting in their respective fields.

In this 12th Edition, several aspects have been incorporated to make the book more appealing to its students. One of them is Orion; based on cognitive science, WileyPLUS with Orion, gives the student a unique learning experience that applies only to them and one that is captivating. It multiplies their subject matter proficiency tenfolds and utilize their study time effectively.
Moreover, the 12th Edition has a new section that makes practice simpler. WileyPLUS engages the students in a more constructive way. New practice assignments including brief exercises, numerous Do Its and problems that are particular to the topic in study. It also gives the students an opportunity to check their work and compare it with worked-out solutions of the problem. The way this is setup is that the answers are made available to the students once the quiz has been completed.

The book is organized in such a way that the student can have a wide grasp of the field of accounting. The authors understand very well the mindset of the student and strive to build concepts; The prequisite knowledge required before starting another topic is covered before hand. This edition of Accounting Principles is definitely a book that every aspiring accountant should have!