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A review like this has been written about the first edition…

A review like this has been written about the 1st edition all the way to the 12th one, claiming that the current edition at that time was better than the previous one(even the first one, one is better than 0). That was true and so by default, the book should live up to its standards, carrying the trend forward. So if the next was better than the previous one, the 13th edition should be like the 12th but exponentially better.

To students who will be using the book, they will need the book long after they are students. It will act as a source of reference and not just another book on their shelves in their offices. To instructors and teachers, Abnormal Psychology 13th Edition provides reliable information and will prove as an exceptional teaching guide for them.
The book has been described as being a comprehensive resource for instructors and students alike for about four decades. That means that all the information from the first to the twelfth book has been maintained and updated accordingly. This means that Abnormal Psychology 13th Edition contains the latest information and also has a lot of depths.

Ann M. Kring, John Neal, Gerald Davidson and Sheri Johnson wrote the 12th edition, and now they bring you the 13th edition. If the book was to list down all their credentials, the book would have an extra thousand pages to it. Besides having PhDs in the field, they have a wealth of experience and are still very active from the fact that they are professors of psychology.

Theories and treatment. The field of psychology is still growing day by day and researchers and psychologists have not yet exhausted the vast field. The human brain still continues to amaze and baffle, and so new theories will come up occasionally, unknown disorders will be encountered and so new treatments must be developed for them. It wouldn’t be psychology anymore if this section were not included. Accepted theories and treatments have been added and even highlighted in the book.

To students studying psychology or anyone interested in the field, the book has been the proverbial “Bible”, the must-have textbook. When thinking about the range of books, one thing comes to mind, cutting edge research. Abnormal Psychology 13th Edition has this area covered adequately. With the introduction of Focus on Discovery boxes, there is now a section that focuses on research primarily. The book provides the reader a chance to get in on the latest research that has been carried out in particular developing topics. The Clinical Case boxes are still present which illustrate real-life situations of psychological disorders.

The Check Your Knowledge questions are still present but it doesn’t stop there. They have been modified and more have been added to ensure that reading is not just passive. One is able to test themselves and get to know whether they have understood a concept. Who knows, maybe one of your test questions might come from the book.