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NSW Australian Curriculum

Everyone knows how important a good quality, well rounded education is for children. Studies show that children who have access to a quality education are far more likely to have a successful future as an adult. That is why the obligation to create such an educational program is a requirement for any responsible government.

The New South Wales Government knows that the burden of creating the kind of educational system requirements to ensure more success in education, requires sound research. Knowing what works in well defined research test cases, is the first key to develop a broad based well developed educational system that works.

New South Wales has recently joined with the Government of Australia, and the other states and territories of Australia in a combined effort to develop an broad based Australian educational curriculum. The focus is to develop this system so that every state and territory in Australia’s educational system is working with the same parameter’s, curriculum, guidelines, requirements and information. This will ensure a better quality education for every child in Australia and its territories.

There have been some exciting changes in NSW curriculum in recent years. Now the NSW Australian curriculum, is a fully integrated system of education. With the new changes in place, the NSW Australian curriculum is adapting in the guidelines and educational basis from the Australian curriculum into a more cohesive educational system. These new changes have allowed for the NSW Australian curriculum to be brought to the same national standards as the Australian curriculum. This affords a stronger educational base and continuity for all administrators, teachers and students in the New South Wales education system.

In the last two years, the New South Wales School System has undergone a dramatic change in the NSW curriculum. A more integrated and well rounded educational system is now in place. The Board of Studies has developed a new syllabus for the primary studies of English, Mathematics, Science and History. This has been completed with the Australian Curriculum as a guideline for these syllabuses. These documents were made available in late 2011.

This new Australian Curriculum has been agreed to by the Federal, State and Territory Education Ministers. The syllabus outlines cover the educational requirements from grades K-10. This new curriculum, includes a special set of curriculum information for Science and Technology for grades K-6.

For teachers, an online programming tool called Program Builder, has been created and is available to assist both the primary and secondary teachers within the NSW school system, to implement the new NSW K–10 syllabuses for the Australian curriculum.

There are many new and exciting curriculum resources that are available for teachers and administrators. The resources are designed to help teachers and administrators to help keep New South Wales children up to grade in the ever emerging, and ever changing world of information and education. The changes are a bit extensive, but rather easy for people to implement once the information of the curriculum changes are shared, and the guidelines are implemented.

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